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Sprained Ankle and Running

Hi. This Wednesday, let us take a look at one of the most common conditions that most runners, joggers suffer from at one point or another, whether exercising on a treadmill or outside – the Sprained Ankle. Overweight walkers may also experience this condition at times.

The most common form of ankle sprain occurs from the accidental rolling out movement of the ankle during an exercise session when the body is in forward motion and in momentum, thus damaging the inner ligaments.

Depending on the extent of damage, Sprains are classified as Grade1, 2 and 3. If the ligaments are mildly stretched and is accompanied by mild pain and swelling around the bone outside the ankle with some stiffness in motion, then it is a Grade 1 sprain. Grade 2 sprains are those that involve moderate tearing of the ligaments in the ankles, some bruising, swelling and stiffness of the ankles and moderate pain and unstable joint. Grade 3 sprains are the most severe. They are those sprains that have caused ruptured ligament, severe pain and swelling, bruising and severe instability of the joint. Classification is necessary to render a treatment as per the intensity of damage.

Grade 1 sprains require just the RICE treatment (Rest, Ice pack, Compression and Elevation). Grade 2 sprains require immobilization of the area with air splint and physiotherapy including stretching and strengthening exercises. Grade 3 sprains require immobilization of the ankle area and longer but similar physiotherapy. It may require a surgical reconstruction of the damaged ligaments and muscles.

Until next week, train safe!

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