The Top 3 Treadmill Brands For Home Use

by admin on August 15, 2012

With the London Olympics 2012 closing last Sunday night, I can pretty much bet that there are a lot of people doing research on the idea of purchasing fitness equipment for their home. This event has inspired many people to take action on their fitness levels. One of the primary pieces of fitness equipment that people will be interested in using for home use is the Treadmill machine. In this article, I would like to talk about some of the top treadmill brands that are available for home use. Lets check out these brands below.

Sole Treadmill Brand

The first brand I want to share with you is the Sole fitness brand. They manufacture and sell different pieces of fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and even exercise bikes. In actual fact, the Hilton Hotel use Sole treadmills in their leisure centers across the US. I am also lead to believe that other hotels have followed suit. Sole manufacture their machines with good components and even offer a lifetime warranty on all major parts of the machine. They offers a wealth of features and functionalities and they feel comfortable to workout on. Perhaps the two most popular Sole treadmills to workout on at the moment would be the Sole F80 and The Sole f63. You can check out a review of them by visiting Check out’s review of the Sole F80 here. Visit the Sole f63 review here.

Horizon Fitness

The next brand I want to mention is the Horizon Fitness. Horizon are another quality made brand for home use. They also product treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes. Customers who purchase and use Horizon treadmills give feedback, saying that they are comfortable and conveniet to use. They also offer a quiet operation, which I find important as I dont like to workout on a noisy piece of fitness equipment. From my experience, most of their machines are made with decent parts and they look good too. Perhaps the mst popular machine they have right now on the market is the Horizon t101.

Lifespan Fitness Treadmills

The final treadmill brand I am going to talk about is the Lifespan brand. Lifespan are perhaps the most expensive brand out of the three brands I mention in this article, but they really do a good job and manufacture treadmill products that keep their customers happy and offer a memorable workout experience. For almost two decades now, Lifespan have been one of the industry leaders in home fitness equipment. They continuously reinvest into new and better ways for creating a better user experience for the home user. Their treadmills cater towards different fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain fitness levels or develop toned muscles on your lower body, the Lifespan models are there to assist you all the way.

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Benefits of Getting a Treadmill

by admin on October 19, 2011

When it comes to exercising, there are many different ways you can go about doing it. Whether you like to swim, do Pilates, or you’re an avid runner, all that matter is that you get that heart rate up.

If you’re someone that likes to walk, jog or run, you may benefit from a treadmill in many ways. If you’re looking to buy a treadmill, here are some reasons you should:

Great for anytime: When you consider using fitness equipment, you’re really benefiting yourself. Not only can you exercise anytime you want, but you’re able to adjust your exercise routine in several ways. When you use a treadmill, you have the opportunity to use incline, a fast pace or even some of the pre-programmed routines on it. So, if you’re looking to just go for a quick morning walk or a fast run before bed, you’re able to go on whenever it’s convenient for you.

Good no matter what season: The best part about a treadmill is that you can use it no matter what the season or weather is like outside. When there is snow on the ground and you’re looking to go for a run or it’s raining outside, you can just hop on your treadmill instead. Since the treadmill is so convenient, you can really work at your weight loss goal.

Excellent exercise: Since exercise requires you to get your heart rate up and work your muscles, a treadmill can allow you to do just that. Whether you want to walk, jog or run, or even watch TV while you run, you’re more than capable of doing that with a treadmill.

Affordable: Treadmills are great for any budget. Depending on which features you’d like you can affect the price. Instead of getting some cheap fitness equipment set, you can get a treadmill for just a little bit more in price.

Exercise right from home: Another great benefit of a treadmill is that you can exercise right from home. You don’t need to go to the gym or even go outdoors.

As you can see, there are some great benefits to getting a treadmill as your main source of fitness equipment. No matter what your weight loss goal is, a treadmill can help get you there quickly and very easily! So, skip out on the idea of getting cheap fitness equipment and invest your money in a nice treadmill that will last you get you far.

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Advice for Women: Reduce Breast Size with Exercises

by Guest Blogger on August 31, 2011

Are you tired of exercising for hours yet not happy with the fact that your breasts do not get reduced? Do you suffer from lack of confidence due to having excess adipose around your breasts? Here are few tricks that could help you to strengthen your chest muscles that could lead you to have lifted breasts.


Using dumbbells while you lie on your back is a great way to exercise your chest muscles. Lifting the dumbbells and lowering them in this position, for about 15 times in three to four sets can lead to wonderful results.


Aerobics are a classic favorite that is popular with young and old alike. Unlike weight training, it is not directed towards a particular area in the body but helps you to lose over all fat. A session of aerobics also leaves you to feel energized. Frame the session duration according to your convenience.

Presses plus Pushups

Chest presses and pushups too are of great aid. The former can be performed by inclining the bench at various angles and then performing a chest press for the chest muscles. Pushups can be modified by placing some weight on your back as you do them. This helps in toning the chest muscles.

One final tip – Do not overdo any exercise. It may take time for results to appear but eventually, it will happen. Perseverance and hard work is the key!

This guest post was written by Brenda Lyttle. Brenda Lyttle is a health expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on healthy living, diet pills, anti-aging, and acne treatment related topics.

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Are Chinese-made treadmills inferior?

by Guest Blogger on August 17, 2011

It wasn’t long ago that consumer products were proudly labeled “Made is the USA.” The implication was that the product not only supported families in America, but that the quality was superior. Now the Made in the USA slogan is rarely heard. Since the late 1990s, U.S. manufacturing has declined dramatically, as more manufacturing is outsourced to China and other lower wage countries. But what has happened to the quality of exercise equipment from overseas? Does it still make sense to prefer American-made treadmills? Not so much.

We have gotten used to the idea that we can both save money and get good quality products that are made in Asia. This change in attitude is most easily seen with automobile manufacturers. Of course, much of this change comes from the realization that many large companies are truly multi-national. It’s tough to hold a grudge against Japanese goods with Toyota and Nissan being made in America with American parts by American workers. So too with exercise equipment. Foreign exercise equipment manufacturers do virtually no manufacturing in the U.S. However, one major American brand was recently bought by a Chinese company. More common is American manufacturers that buy parts that are made overseas and then assemble them in the U.S. This is different than buying a Chinese company’s products in the U.S. because the American company can have its products made in China to its U.S. specifications and standards. This can make it difficult to say exactly where your equipment is from or why it may be built to lower standards.

In fact, the manufacturer can not only deliver a high quality treadmill in this way, but probably at a much lower cost, as well. Much of the most expensive exercise equipment is now made in Asia too. It seems that many consumers say that want to buy American goods, but can’t resist lower prices. In any case, even if you could identify exercise equipment made purely in America, it would be very difficult to find it. It does seem that there are foreign brands made overseas that are of low quality, but these are not name brands commonly seen or recognized in the U.S.

In any case, since these foreign brands share labor costs similar to those of U.S. companies that import parts, these foreign brands do not cost much less than the U.S. brands. However, they don’t offer the same strong warranties provided by the U.S. companies. This is another reason why the foreign quality question is no longer being asked; the foreign parts are backed by warranties of American companies.

This guest post was written by Robert Braun. Robert Braun has been using, selling, and writing about exercise equipment for decades. For a good treadmill selection, see

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Epic 400 MX Treadmill

by mamta on September 28, 2009


Hi! This Monday we will cover a under $1000 treadmill – the Epic 400 MX Treadmill. Though it is priced right, it does not have a resilient feel to it and the warranty on the not very strong motor could be better. Let us look at what the Epic 400 MX Treadmill offers us:

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Hi. On this Wednesday’s fitness notes, we shall try to address the most common that confronts the mind of gym goers and exercisers months after beginning a fitness regime – how do I overcome the plateau? The plateau may in terms of routine itself, the level of fitness, weight or simple boredom. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have that will help you break the wall:

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Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

by mamta on September 21, 2009

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

Hi! This new week, let us begin with a review of the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill. It is priced by life Fitness at $5499 and thus for those who consider buying it for a club, commercial gym or are very keen on high end and heavy duty machines for their personal use at home. The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill has the following features:

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7 Top Metabolism Boosting Tips

by mamta on September 16, 2009

  1. Exercise: Any exercise including walking) done regularly for a duration of 30 minutes at least thrice a week preferably in the morning, boosts metabolism. Cross training and interval training spike metabolism more than 1 type of exercise in the session.
  2. Build Muscles: Muscles burn calories even when you”re resting. For every pound of muscle you add, you burn about 50 extra calories a day without taking any more exercise. So include 20 minutes worth resistance or weight training in your exercise regime at least thrice a week.
  3. Yoga: Many postures and exercises in yoga solely address the endocrine systems where the focus is on compressing, twisting, toning and massaging the glands. This helps stimulate them and works towards stepping up your BMR.
  4. Lean Protein: Studies have shown that people with high protein diets burn more than twice the calories than that of those who eat the same amount of a 8/20/2011This is a great school. high carbohydrate diet. This is so because the body needs more energy to digest proteins than carbs. Between high and lean protein, it is safer to choose lean proteins (legumes, fish, chicken without the skin etc).
  5. Smaller Portions and Frequent Eating: This helps keep the metabolism on the spike. You must never let-go off your meals to save calories. It is now proven that eating the same quantum of food in 2 large meals burns fewer calories than spread out across 5-6 meals of smaller sizes. This is so because between 2 meals, the metabolism of the body slows down. It also staves you off high-calorie, sugar based snacking that you will crave for with very few meals in the day.
  6. Drink Tea: By tea, I mean preferably green tea. Though black is also good and the best is white tea. The phytochemicals in green tea raise metabolism marginally. Researchers are now coming with evidences that green tea has chemicals that also help lose weight which is not solely based on its diuretic qualities.
  7. Add Fibre: Metabolism is also given a boost with fibre in foods. They take longer to digest and help burn more calories. Insoluble fibre just adds volume and is not completely digested by the body.

      Until next week, train safe!

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      Endurance T3i Treadmill

      by mamta on September 14, 2009

      Endurance T3i Treadmill Endurance T3i Treadmill

      Hi! This week we cover the Endurance T3i Treadmill. It is priced at USD 999 and my frank recommendation is not to buy this treadmill. Let us take a look at the specs and other details and find out why:

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      Hi! We have all tried to fight our weights and bulges and at some point most of reach a plateau having tried all the fad diets etc. What could be some of the things we think we are doing right, that could actually not be good for us and work on the contrary to weight loss? Let’s take a look:

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