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Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill

Hi again. Today we shall get to know a treadmill that I first came across at a friend’s home two years back – The Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill. Located just a block away, I used to get the chance to work out on it once or so every month I did not feel up to the gym. I have mixed opinions about the Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill looking back. Overall, I think the Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill is a good machine for the price it charges you.

Let’s see what features and particulars this folding treadmill offers:

Drive: A 2.25 HP Continuous Duty Motor

Deck: Reversible

Belt: 20” (W) x 55” (L) – Usage Area

Speed: 0.5mph – 10mph

Incline Range – Upto 10%

User Load Capacity: 300 lbs or 136 Kilos

Workout Options: 14 programs – Manual, 3 Interval and 2 Weight Loss Programs, Rolling Hills, Mountain Climb, Pacer, Custom 1, 2, Golf 9 Hole and Golf 18 Hole

Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse Grip

Display: Orange backlit LCD – time, pulse, Distance, Calories Burnt, Incline, Speed, Program Profile

Other features:

·         Transport Wheels facility for easy relocating and storage.

·         COMFORTzone (Patented) Air cell Shock absorption system.

·         FeatherLIGHT (Patented) Lift System for easy folding.

·         MP3 Jack

·         A Blower Fan

·         Lifetime warranty on Frame and Motor and a year each on parts and labor.

The Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill comes at USD 999 (available cheaper at some retailers), and at these prices offers a rather wide range of workouts and provides decent belt cushioning, usage area and folding facilities. One gets the sort of quality the Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill provides at a much higher range in other brands and models.

However, I have found a few negatives for this machine. First, the console does not allow the user to input information on weight, so I suspect the accuracy for the calories burnt that it displays. Second, waxing under the belt frequently was a bother with my friend, and she spoke of it often trying to keep it in good condition. I would have liked to see a Heart Rate Control program option on this otherwise versatile treadmill. The speakers does not give great sound quality but then this is a peripheral issue in my opinion, and doesn’t greatly affect buying decision for a treadmill. For this price, you get exactly what the company tells you in its promo videos. If you are looking for something very fancy and technology-driven, the Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill may not live up to your expectations.


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