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Sept 09 Book Release – Migraines For The Informed Woman


(Priced @ USD 8. Preview and Purchase Link: http://www.rupapublications.com/client/Book/MIGRAINES-FOR-THE-INFORMED-WOMAN.aspx)

There is nothing that a migraineur fears more than a migraine attack. It is excruciatingly painful and comes with a flurry of stressful symptoms like nausea, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity. If you dread your episodes, this may be the book you need. Migraines For The  Informed Woman – Tips From a Sufferer, de-mystifies not just the Why, What, When and How of migraine that are put forth in scientific material in esoteric jargon, in an easy and simple way, but also gives you a positive perspective on what can be done to keep them managed and at minimum levels.

Those of you who are tired of reading contradictory lists of what NOT to eat, this book gives you a chapter on what you CAN. It tells you what you should look out for in terms of migraine type identification and medication. It also guides you towards alternatives and long-term solutions available for prevention and management and provides practical and simple tips on how you can manage your symptoms when an attack is underway.

The author has been battling migraines herself for over a decade and by this vice alone holds the unique perspective of a sufferer who knows what the fears, questions and frustrations of other patients are. The book has been presented from a unique and positive perspective to address those issues.

Mamta Singh is a certified Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist through the International Fitness Association, Florida, USA. She is also a licensed Holistic Health Therapist from Stonebridge Assoc. College U.K. Mamta writes her own well-received blogs on migraines (Migraines In Women) and holistic health (Full Circle Fitness) and is the lead writer in many popular online health resources. She holds a double Masters degree in Commerce and Business Management. She is actively involved in philanthropic activities of the UN recognized Art of Living Foundation.

This is a Self-Help book and by no means, a substitute to medical advice or a visit to the doctors.

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