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The BodyGuard T240 Treadmill

Bodyguard T240 Treadmill

Bodyguard T240 Treadmill

Hi. We will start our week by running a review on the Bodyguard T240 treadmill – some of the most technologically advanced treadmills to date and robust as well. This machine has complex parts but sells well and has an extremely low rate of defects or malfunctioning parts.It offers a warranty cover that is unheard almost unheard of. Let us take a look at what makes this treadmill stand apart from others in its category:



Drive Motor

2.75 CHP (DC) motor


BDS Deck Cushioning

Belt (Dimension) – Usage area

20” (W) x 55” (L)

Speed Range

0 mph – 10 mph. Quick Speed keys

Incline Range

0% – 15%. Quick Incline keys

User Load Capacity

350 lbs

Workout Options

9 preset programs (JustGo, Manual, Walk, HillClimb, Track, Cardio, Weight Loss, Speed Run, Heart Rate Control, Walk) 2 Learn, 2 User defined.

Heart Rate Monitor

Digital, Contact HRM


Profile Window and Statistics

  • Apart from this the Bodyguard T240 treadmill is customizable in 3 languages (Spanish, French and English).
  • The warranty on the Bodyguard T240 treadmill is excellent. It gives a lifetime cover on frame and motor; 10 years on parts and electronic parts and 3 years on labor – almost unparalleled.
  • The deck is beautifully cushioned by a very effective BDS cushioning system that does not cause excessive rebound when you run.
  • There is also the Advanced Friction Detection System which prevents the overheating of motor by a continuous checking of the friction between the deck and the belt.
  • Lastly, it is equipped with an electronic Stride Control mechanism that prevents fluctuations of speed for heavier weigh users.
Bodyguard T240 Treadmill console

Bodyguard T240 Treadmill console

For a residential treadmill and to some extent even for a commercial grade treadmill, this is a near perfect in the market as of now. Priced at USD 2499, it is also available at USD 2099 from certain suppliers, so do your homework. The only thing I could point to was the need for a slightly longer running area – something like 57”, but 54” will be comfortable for most users.


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