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Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill

Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill

Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill

LifeSpan has a good variety of treadmills in almost all the price tiers. We will look at one of the new models from them in the 3rd tier (mid-upper end) category – the Life Span Fitness Pro3 Treadmill (2008 Model). In this range, it is one of the most recommended treadmills as it offers the largest running surface, good belt cushioning as well as a great warranty, not to mention a wide variety of workout program options etc – all the things you look for in a treadmill buy.

Here are the specs for the LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill:

Motor                          : 3 HP Continuous Duty, DC DuraMax Drive System

Deck                            : Cushioned, Reversible, 2mm multi-ply, thickness

Belt Usage Area          : 22” (W) x 60” (L), 2-ply, Double woven

Speed range                : 0.5 mph – 12 mph

Incline Range              : 0% – 15%

Max User Load           : 350 lbs (approx. 160 Kilos)

Product Dimensions    : 74” (L) x 36” (W) x 56” (H)

Programs                     : 5 Preset, 2 User-defined, 5 Incline programs, 5K and 10K programs, Target HR Program

Display                        : LED – Speed, Incline, Time, Distance, calories, HR etc – Simultaneous display

Heart Rate Monitor     : Both Chest Strap and EKG Hand Grip sensors

 The Pluses:

  • Largest running surface in the treadmill business
  • The warranty on the treadmill covers lifetime for motor and frame; 5 years for parts and a year for labor.
  • Body Mass analysis function available – BMR and Fat % readings
  • Heavily gauged welded steel frame
  • On-board cooling fan and ventilated hood
  • Thick deck cushioning


Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill Console

Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill Console

The LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill comes at USD 2299 but can be had in almost new condition at lower price (seller dependent).


Keep in my however, that this is a heavy treadmill (308 lbs) for residential use and does not fold that easily. Also, run checks with other treadmill owners on the best agents and shippers for the machine.


Purchase a Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill:

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