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Trainer Review of Life Fitness 93 T Treadmill

Life Fitness 93T Treadmill

Life Fitness 93T Treadmill

If treadmill is your thing, I am sure you have tried out the many models at your gym. Which particular ones do you like best and why? I have been training for over a decade now and here is my review for today on the Life Fitness 93T Treadmill from my gym at the club. I will be covering more equipments that you will probably have seen and used or are thinking to buy for your home.

Life Fitness Treadmills serve the higher end of the market and the look and feel of the Life Fitness 93T Treadmill is different from the other treadmills in this range.

Life Fitness 93T Treadmill covers a variety of stylish features such as:

  • Handle bars and side rails designed for maximum workout efficiency.
  • Lifepulse Hand sensors for Heart Rate Monitoring with Digital Signal Processing
  • PolarA Telemetry (with optional chest strap for readings)
  • A large elevated and angular console with LCD Display in 9 language options!
  • Elapsed time, Speed, Distance, Incline, Calories, Cal per hour, Heart Rate and Distance Climbed, Watts, METs readings and custom messages.
  • Elevations from 0% to 15%
  • A shock absorption system on its Flexdeck
  • 6 workout options including 2 Zone training workouts – (Manual, Quick Start, Random, Hill, Cool Down, Fit Test, Fat Burn, Cardio and Interactive heart rate options)
  • A speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph (0.8 to 20 kph)
  • A Belt of 20″ (Width) by 60″(Length)
  • And not the least, a wide range of Fitness Test Protocols (PTF) – Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, Fit Test, Physical Efficiency Battery and a Customized Cool Down

Having used Life Fitness 93T Treadmill over a period of time, I choose this machine as a second option. I would recommend the use of Life Fitness 93T Treadmill, if you were looking for getting a workout with thrust in the following areas:



Do Not Recommend

Range of Workout Options

Working on range of Fitness Test Protocols

Ease of Console Accessibility and Reading

Handle Bar and Side Rail Ergonomics

Accessory Storage and Utility

A Short workout (Lesser than 1 hour)

Belt Softness (Give)/Shock Absorbing Capacity


If you are looking at workouts an hour or over, or are looking at working 5 days a week or over on Life Fitness 93T Treadmill, you could be looking at knee, shin or ankle injuries.

I am also not very fond of high elevation consoles and display units – they keep your focus drawn to the readings, which may hinder with the enjoyment of a workout, apart from obstructing body and posture view from the mirrors.

At this price (close to the USD 7000 mark), one would expect better ‘give” to the running belt. In addition, if you are watching your expenses and are a cautious spender, considering buying the Life Fitness 93T Treadmill will not be prudent.

At lesser than half the price (USD 2800-USD 3800), you would do beautifully to buy the Nautilus Sport Series T518 LC Treadmill where you can choose platform type, depending on whether you want to run or jog as well as additional software.

Nautilus Sport Series T518 LC Treadmill is a strong, silent machine with an excellent ‘give” especially beneficial for serious joggers and runners with 10K marathon natural trail simulation. It also has the same dimensions (except for the different side rail design) and more number of workout options to choose from.

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5.

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