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Bodycraft 1120 Folding Treadmill Review

Bodycraft 1120 Folding Treadmill

Bodycraft 1120 Folding Treadmill

It’s a Monday and let us set the right tempo for the week by starting with a review on a machine I think is good value – the Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill. To start with, it is a folding treadmill and so the inherent advantages of a folding treadmill are there along with a great price and good design.

Let us take a look at it’s specifications:

Drive Motor : 1.75 HP Continuous Duty

Deck : Cushioned with 8 Kinetic Energy Dampers

Belt (Usage Area) : 18” (W) x 52” (L)

Speed Range : 0.5 mph – 10 mph

Incline Range : 0% – 10%

Treadmill Dimensions : 31” (W) x 52” (H) x 69” (L)

Max. User Load : 275 lbs (120 Kilos)

Programs : 8 preset programs & 1 body fat program

Heart Rate Monitor : Grip Pulse rate

Display : LED, 5 Window Displays, Electronic – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Incline, Pulse

Bodycraft 1120 Folding Treadmill Console

Bodycraft 1120 Folding Treadmill Console

The Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill also sports features such as Quick Keys for Incline adjustment and Speed control. The good thing about this robust machine is that it is easy to set up and I have had the 2 owners I have come across it say that it is really sturdy for a folding machine.

The Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and 40 years for it’s HP motor, the parts are covered for 5 years and labor for 2 years. The warranty on the Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill’s motor and labor surpass that of folding machines in any category. This is a great bargain for a machine that is portable and has easy storability.

The Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill’s belt cushioning is well taken care of by a 1.8 mm ply supported by the 8 Kinetic Energy Dampers system. I have had both the owners of the Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill tell me that it is a relatively silent machine (They could hear the programs clearly on the TV while they used the treadmill at home).

If sturdiness, belt cushioning, usage area and storability are your deal breakers, go for this treadmill. The only concern I have heard is that the base speed on the machine for interval workouts needs to be changed manually between intervals. Though the machine is a good one, you also need to be careful on selecting the right retailer/shipper for Bodycraft 1120 Treadmill – it has tie-ups with some not so efficient shippers, I am told.


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  • MikeM April 13, 2009, 4:35 am

    Body craft treadmills are the best built for home and small gym use. I am a professional repair tech and rarely get a call to go out to service one. Body craft is a consumer product with a commercial quality.