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Professional Review of Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill

Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill

In today’s review, let’s do the one equipment at the gym that you are most likely to find free, even if there is a queue for the other ellipticals or treadmills – Stepmills. Most gym sport the Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill. Don’t get me wrong, but the Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill is not short on challenge!

In the category of stepmills, the Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill is one of the most advanced and sturdy machines. Here are a few very valid and interesting reasons why you should consider trying it the next time you are at the gym or for a home gym.

  • Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill provides 5 workout options (as do treadmills) – Quick Start, Manual, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner and Speed Intervals.
  • Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill gives you a Heart Rate Zone Trainer (that which other some ellipticals and treadmills do).
  • Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill gives extras such as the Multi-stage Fit Test and the CPAT Fire Fit Test.
  • Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill gives an option of 20 levels of Resistance to choose from.
  • Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill has an adjustable step rate that ranges from 24 – 162 steps a minute and an optimum stepping range of 8″.
  • All this, without any fear of knee, shin or ankle damage (as do treadmills and some ellipticals)
Stepmill Console

Stepmill Console

Agreed, the Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill is not a natural favourite, but it can be! Imagine getting a workout machine, which gives you all the exercise options other machines do, and some more. All at nearly 0 rate injuries – compare it to treadmills and other gym equipment which high on this count.

The Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill gives one hell of an all out workout which is safe as well with its side rails and hand bars for support and easy on operation. It has an easy to read LCD display and the console controls are easy even for a beginner.

Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill is especially the machine you should be working out on, if:

a. You are a distance runner and are looking to maintain your endurance levels and heart conditioning.

b. You are looking for a quick burst of workout that will challenge your physical limits.

c. You are a trekking regular.

d. You are looking at Fat Burning workouts on a daily basis, without wearing/stubbing your legs down to your knees.

e. You love cardiovascular workouts but find treadmills very boring.

f. You are looking for a single equipment that will serve your leg and heart shaping needs.

If you would not like to spend the USD 5000 on it’s purchase, you may do well by buying a new remanufactured one between USD 2400 – 2600 – that’s a swell bargain for a multi-purpose, challenging and injury free workout.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

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