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5 Ways To Eating To Remain Slim!

This one is a tricky area for most of us who are fighting the bulge. But there is good news…There are sensible ways to eat and stay fit and slim. Here are the top 5:

1. Begin with Eggs: Researches have shown 2 eggs at breakfast can help you cut your calorie intake by 400 cals over the rest of the day, as you will feel less peckish. So, it is alright to start your day with 2 sunny-side-ups or boiled eggs etc.

2. Slow down as you eat: It takes our bodies 20 minutes to give accurate hunger satiation signals. If you keep your eating pace slow or moderate, you are more likely to receive satiation signals from your brain at the time you just full. Fast pace yourself and you could see yourself eat when you are actually full.

3. Fill up on fibre: Fibre found in proteins such as meat, fish, pulses etc and salads should be eaten first in your meal. Once you are past these fibre foods you will be less likely to pick on roast potatoes and sweet treats later.

4. Eat Low Glycemic Index foods: Low GI foods are digested slowly, so they curb your desire for in-between meal snacking. Reach for the rye bread or sourdough bread. Porridges are good value here as are pitta and tortilla wraps, pasta and brown rice etc.

5. Snack on Fruits and Nuts: If you still continue to want snack between meals – go for an apple or pear. Though they have sucrose content that will stub your hunger pangs immediately, they are also loaded with fibre. Nuts are also a wise choice.


· If you are out with a friend and stop for coffee, do not order 2 of the side snacks. Order for 1 and go halves on it. A blueberry muffin or a pudding or a chocolate fudge in half is less damage than a whole.

· Eat before you party so that you pick less on the high fat foods at your hosts and also and not going hungry longer waiting for them to serve lunch/dinner. When you stay empty longer, the chances that you will pick high calorie and fat laden foods is much higher than you would on a healthy appetite.

· Water is a must whether you are at home, office, shopping or partying etc. It helps cleanse the body of toxic wastes, helps burn fat more effectively and cuts the common error of eating when we actually are thirsty and should be drinking water.


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  • Michelle March 6, 2009, 5:05 am

    Very informative article on sensible eating habits. Very timely for me!

  • Dianna Parker March 9, 2009, 6:38 pm

    I have tried all my life to eat eggs especially after reading articles about how satisfying they are, low in carbs, good source of protein, etc, etc; Here’s the deal. I can’t stand eggs. There are two ways I can tolerate them. I can eat an occasional omelet if it has a lot of veggies and cheese in it. Then I guess that defeats the purpose. I can also eat them boiled and chopped up very,very, fine in potato salad, or tuna salad. I actually gag on eggs any other way. My question is: Is there anything else that offers the benefit of eggs that I could eat for breakfast. I’m really not hungry at breakfast but I make myself eat somethng. Oatmeal one day, handful of nuts and friuts the next, fruit smoothie made with soy milk and yogart with fresh fruit some days. I love bacon and bacon has no carbs but loaded with fat! What’s the answer?

  • Kathleen April 3, 2009, 6:45 am

    Eating foods with fiber is a great suggestion, but there is no fiber in meat or fish. Beans, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and fruits are good sources of fiber.