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Stretches Before Using Your Treadmill

In all my time as a trainer, I have got to see a variety in the gym-goers modus operandi, inside the gym. However, one of them seems almost a constant. The adrenalin-pumped gym enthusiast enters the gym, keeps his/her bag and accessories aside and gets on with his/her favourite piece of fitness equipment. I can never stop to wonder about the muscle and cardio shock they give to their systems doing this, not to mention hiking their chances of coming down with a sports-related injury. They are either new at the gym or at ill read with fitness knowledge, or just plain impatient. They see their favorite equipment free and unoccupied; they jump to it before it is taken by someone.

If you go to the gym in the morning, chances are that your body is still cold and muscles unexerted, unless you have walked from home to the gym. Walking from the parking lot to the gym doesn”t count. You need to stretch and warm up.

If you do gym in the evening, you could reduce your stretching, warm up time, and get to your workout faster. The body muscles have been in some mild-moderate usage mode since morning and you could forgo a long warm Ship FedEx overnight today and receive a complete evaluation breakdown and data recovery deleted files options, including total costs, as early as tomorrow. up. The body is most supple and spine most elongated in the afternoons.

With treadmills, you need to be doubly careful. You are going to be exerting both your musculoskeletal structure as well as your heart for sustained periods on the belt. You should be particular with the stretching and a warm up routine before getting on the treadmill. Today, we will talk about 3 basic stretches that you can put incorporate you step on your treadmill.

This is one of the popular Calf stretches and one of my pet ones. It is called the Wall or Gastrocnemus/Gastroc Stretch. Here goes:

1. Stand erect with a straight spine.

2. Place one leg in front of the other.

3. Place your hands flat against the wall at shoulder height.

4. Ease the leg at the back to move further away from the wall. Do not bend your leg at the knee. Press your heels to the floor.

5. Keep your hips to the wall and the rear leg and spine in a straight line.

6. Feel the stretch in the rear extended leg and spine.

7. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

8. Restart for the same leg 10 more times.

9. Repeat the same off the other leg.

Throw in Quadriceps stretch as well after you are done with the calf-stretch. Leg curls will do the job beautifully.

For a Hamstring stretch:

1. Lay flat on your back on an even floor.

2. Raise your leg in vertical position such

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that your knees are straight, not bend and leg in a perpendicular position to the floor and your body.

3. Grasp the back of the thigh with both your palms and pull it closer to you slowly and only as much as you feel the hamstring stretch.

4. Be cautious – do not overdo this.

5. 16 repetitions off each leg will be perfect to start your treadmill workout.

If you want to do more of these stretches, and are enjoying them thoroughly or as much as the jogging or running that awaits you, you may go on to include your Piriformis and Soleus stretches as well.

Happy running!

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  • Chris Allen January 25, 2009, 12:01 pm

    images would be nice as text can be misinterpreted and the wrong positions etc taken