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How to beat the Piriformis Syndrome

Hi! In today’s fitness notes, we will take a look at the Piriformis Syndrome – which is condition that sometime afflicts exercisers when they walk or squat excessively as a part of their fitness regime. The syndrome is a neuromuscular condition that may arise from excessive usage or strain of the Piriformis and its muscle.

The Piriformis muscle is located deep inside the buttock or gluteal muscles. When the Piriformis muscle gets aggravated and swollen, it presses against the sciatic nerve and the sciatic nerve presses in turn against the bone. This causes radiating and excruciating pain, spasms and discomfort. It may also cause tingling and numbness in the buttock region as well as along the sciatic nerve.

The treatment of Piriformis Syndrome starts with restricting the activity that has caused the condition, simultaneously with massage therapy and stretching exercises to loosen the strain and eventually to strengthen the back and abdominal area to reduce the load on the Piriformis. Alternating between ice and heat application also helps. Exercises to restore the full range of motions often prove beneficial in recovery and sometimes foot orthotics are also recommended for the transitory period. In rare cases, minimal access surgery is done to rectify the condition where it has caused secondary muscle injuries. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs and topical gels also aid recovery.

Until next week, train safe!

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