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Advice for Women: Reduce Breast Size with Exercises

Are you tired of exercising for hours yet not happy with the fact that your breasts do not get reduced? Do you suffer from lack of confidence due to having excess adipose around your breasts? Here are few tricks that could help you to strengthen your chest muscles that could lead you to have lifted breasts.


Using dumbbells while you lie on your back is a great way to exercise your chest muscles. Lifting the dumbbells and lowering them in this position, for about 15 times in three to four sets can lead to wonderful results.


Aerobics are a classic favorite that is popular with young and old alike. Unlike weight training, it is not directed towards a particular area in the body but helps you to lose over all fat. A session of aerobics also leaves you to feel energized. Frame the session duration according to your convenience.

Presses plus Pushups

Chest presses and pushups too are of great aid. The former can be performed by inclining the bench at various angles and then performing a chest press for the chest muscles. Pushups can be modified by placing some weight on your back as you do them. This helps in toning the chest muscles.

One final tip – Do not overdo any exercise. It may take time for results to appear but eventually, it will happen. Perseverance and hard work is the key!

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