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7 Top Metabolism Boosting Tips

  1. Exercise: Any exercise including walking) done regularly for a duration of 30 minutes at least thrice a week preferably in the morning, boosts metabolism. Cross training and interval training spike metabolism more than 1 type of exercise in the session.
  2. Build Muscles: Muscles burn calories even when you”re resting. For every pound of muscle you add, you burn about 50 extra calories a day without taking any more exercise. So include 20 minutes worth resistance or weight training in your exercise regime at least thrice a week.
  3. Yoga: Many postures and exercises in yoga solely address the endocrine systems where the focus is on compressing, twisting, toning and massaging the glands. This helps stimulate them and works towards stepping up your BMR.
  4. Lean Protein: Studies have shown that people with high protein diets burn more than twice the calories than that of those who eat the same amount of a 8/20/2011This is a great best-driving-school.com school. high carbohydrate diet. This is so because the body needs more energy to digest proteins than carbs. Between high and lean protein, it is safer to choose lean proteins (legumes, fish, chicken without the skin etc).
  5. Smaller Portions and Frequent Eating: This helps keep the metabolism on the spike. You must never let-go off your meals to save calories. It is now proven that eating the same quantum of food in 2 large meals burns fewer calories than spread out across 5-6 meals of smaller sizes. This is so because between 2 meals, the metabolism of the body slows down. It also staves you off high-calorie, sugar based snacking that you will crave for with very few meals in the day.
  6. Drink Tea: By tea, I mean preferably green tea. Though black is also good and the best is white tea. The phytochemicals in green tea raise metabolism marginally. Researchers are now coming with evidences that green tea has chemicals that also help lose weight which is not solely based on its diuretic qualities.
  7. Add Fibre: Metabolism is also given a boost with fibre in foods. They take longer to digest and help burn more calories. Insoluble fibre just adds volume and is not completely digested by the body.

Until next week, train safe!

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